Exploring the Unique Architecture and Design Elements of High-End Hotels Across America - A Guest Post by Jennifer King

From luxury tented pavilions and modernized American motor lodges to Georgian splendor, America is home to no shortage of beautiful high-end hotels. In addition to gorgeous architecture that reflects the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, America’s luxury hotels also offer the benefit of a myriad of amenities for you to take advantage of. This holiday season, luxury travel is on the cards for at least 47% of Americans, who are spending around $510 more on average than they did last year. Luxury travel needn’t involve great distances, either – 60% of Americans plan to take a trip within their home state. 

 Camp Sarika, Canyon Point, Utah 

Camp Sarika is a luxury desert retreat comprising ten large canvas-topped pavilions right in the heart of Utah’s awe-inspiring, slotted-canyon desert. Designed to provide guests with optimal privacy, along with uninterrupted panoramic desert views, the pavilions are made from stretched canvas covers made from recycled plastic bottles. As well as providing vital respite from the fierce desert sun, the pavilions are also durable enough to withstand twelve tons of snow. Far from your standard glamping experience, each pavilion at Camp Sarika also comes complete with its own private plunge pool, firepit, indoor and outdoor living room, and dining and bar areas. There’s also indoor and outdoor showers, as well as a freestanding tub perfectly placed to allow guests to gaze out at the natural rock escarpments estimated to be as much as 164 million years old. And, if the mood strikes, you can also ask for a telescope for midnight stargazing. 

Tourists, Massachusetts 

Tourists in North Adams, Massachusetts is a hotel and riverside retreat that puts a luxury twist on the traditional American motor lodge circa the early twentieth century. Located on the banks of the Hoosic River, the hotel’s design takes an interesting U shape, with the main body featuring a central courtyard brimming with native plants. Oak white planks are also used to unite the architecture with the surrounding natural landscape. Inside, the 48 rooms feature high ceilings, built-in seating, and king-size beds, while the bathrooms are home to concrete floors, roomy showers, and unique cylindrical sinks. The hotel also prides itself on eco-conscious design. For example, the stylish powder-coated metal sliding doors are made from recycled steel. Using recycled metal is increasingly important as a way of reducing environmental impact (for instance, 1.83 tons of carbon dioxide are generated globally for every ton of steel). 

Huge square windows are another defining feature of each room in the hotel, therefore providing guests with gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding Hoosic River and Appalachian trails. An advanced air-circulation system also regularly refreshes the rooms with fresh, country air. The decks even feature outdoor showers to further reinforce the connection between guests and nature. 

The George Inn, New Jersey 

The George Inn in Montclair, New Jersey preserves the genius of Georgian architecture, while, at the same time, rooting the design firmly in the 21st century. The gorgeous building dates back to 1902 when it was constructed as a private home for Charles Van Vleck (an architect who worked for the Rockefeller’s). In 1940, it became the Georgian Inn, before finally being declared a historical landmark in 2008. In 2012, makeup artist Bobbi Brown, along with her husband Steven Plofker, purchased and started work to restore the building. Six years later, it finally opened as the George Inn: a British-inspired luxury hotel. The hotel’s exterior is striking, featuring classic red brick and large white pillars. Inside, the hotel is adorned with industrial accents from distressed, dark gray painted wood panels and original exposed brick to chic, matte black finishes. Interestingly, each of the thirty-one rooms has its own distinct theme. In the “Jack” room, for example, you’ll find photographs of celebrity Jacks (like Jack Black and Jack Nicholson) on the walls, while the “Mike” room showcases the likes of Michael Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, and even Mickey Mouse. 

America has no shortage of beautiful high-end hotels with unique architecture. Whether you stay at Camp Sarika, Tourists, or the George Inn, any one of these establishments are destinations in and of themselves.


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