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Baseball's Creation Myth & How The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum Arrived in Cooperstown

Once upon the time in America the quaint village of Cooperstown, New York laid claim to the title "The Birthplace of Baseball." As it turned out though that wasn't entirely accurate - or even true at all when you get right down to it - so how could a monumental mistake like that have happened?  Well, as the story goes - in 1907 A.G. Spalding , baseball’s first great pitcher who later co-founded the sporting goods company that still bears his name, decided the game of baseball needed an origin point to prove that it really was an All-American sport born and bred in the good ol' US of A and not just some European stick-and-ball hybrid knock-off though in reality, that's exactly what it was! Abraham G. Mills - Image Credit In order to prove his point, Spalding convened the "Mills Commission" - a blue-ribbon committee made up of a group of prominent men with expertise in the game of baseball - to investigate and analyze the origins of America's