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The Norwich Waterfront Takes on a New Look

Sometimes I don't have to wander very far to find a nice place to spend a little time at.  Such was the case last evening when I told my oldest daughter to put her shoes on so we could take a drive down to the Norwich waterfront so that I could try to capture a few pictures of the evening sky before the sun went down. I wanted to see if I could catch any of that "magical light" that artists always talk about! Long ago, the Norwich Harbor and waterfront area was quite the happening place as Norwich itself was a very prosperous city and regularly shipped out all sorts of textiles, armaments, and other specialty items that were manufactured here in town at the many mills that once dotted the landscape. There was even regular steamship service from Norwich to both New York City and Boston as well as several very active railroad lines. Of course, all that changed over the years and the waterfront has undergone several transformations since Norwich was the hustling an