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Finding Fidelia - A Journey From the North Shore of Massachusetts to the Northwest Hills of Connecticut

Sometimes history repeats itself and sometimes it corrects itself but no matter what it does, for myself, it always teaches me something new and oftentimes allows me to meet some rather interesting people along the way which is exactly what this post of a slightly different distraction is about! This story starts with a previous post on this blog that I wrote last April. If you consult the "Wander List" up there above this post then scroll down to the entries under Salem, Massachusetts (and yes, there are a lot!), you'll eventually come across one almost smack in the middle titled The Suzannah Flint House at the Hawthorne Hotel . For those not familiar with that post or with the Suzannah Flint House, to quote myself, it is "... a historic Bed & Breakfast-style property located to the rear of the Hawthorne's parking lot. The Hawthorne acquired the historic 1807 property that once belonged to Salem Schoolmaster John Gray in 2003 and offer it as an alterna