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A Cold Visit to Kent

As busy as it was last week, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to head over to the other side of Connecticut this past Saturday and pick up Princess Patti of Ansonia in the Valley so that we could trek through the snow in search of photographs in western Connecticut. Truth be told, I think that we both dearly needed a Girls Day Out in order to "blow off the stink" as I put it and I'm always up for a road trip to check out new places. Besides, I wanted to take advantage of a bit of a break in the weather and see if I might be able to get any good potential photos for this year's Christmas cards; with the amount of snow we've been getting winter scenes are in abundance and then some! Around noon time I arrived in Ansonia to pick up the Princess and from there we headed in a northwesterly direction towards the small town of Kent where I knew there was not only one of Connecticut's three historic covered bridges but also Kent Falls which is someti