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Last Day, Last Lights in Maine

Believe it or not, I think I'm finally going to be able to wrap up the posts on our New Hampshire/Maine vacation that my mom, Jamie, and I took over two months ago!   And look, I managed to write less than 20 posts about a 5-day vacation - it's an almost-Christmas miracle!  A word of warning, though - being that this is my last post it's also going to be a rather lengthy one as I've got several lighthouses to share with you and you know me, I tend to blather at the keyboard and go on and on and on.  I'll try to be succinct, though - honest! So, our last day in Maine (which was actually on October 10th) found us heading back down the coast in the direction of Connecticut and home but along the way we were going to be in search of several of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine with the first stop being at Fort Williams Park at Cape Elizabeth just south of Portland.  The park is the home to Maine's oldest lighthouse and extremely popular tourist attraction

Where the Mountains Meet the Seas

For those who have lost track of where I was in retelling the story of our early October vacation to New Hampshire and Maine, don't feel bad as I think I lost track myself!  I kind of got ahead of myself with the post about Lenny, the world's largest chocolate moose, the other day so I'm going to back up a tiny bit and tell you about the area where we spent our two nights on the Maine Coast.  Truth be told we actually stayed in Lincolnville at a lovely place called Glenmoor By the Sea Resort & Cottages which was basically just a hop, skip, and a jump from Camden proper. The Glenmoor has a combination of rooms, suites and cottages and we were booked in one of the suites at the St. Andrew's House which consisted of one room with a huge king-size bed, another room with a queen-size bed, a living room area with a fold-out couch, and two baths. Needless to say, we had lots of room to spread out! Jamie had originally planned on sleeping on the couch but she ended u