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Good-Bye Toronto, Hello Niagara Falls!

Last month I found myself Trekking To Toronto with my youngest daughter Jamie so that we could a) see Hugh Jackman in concert at the Princess of Wales Theater (he was very, very good!) and b) Jamie could hop on a bus to go visit her friend in Manitoba before I wandered down to Niagara Falls for a long overdue visit to one of the world's most spectacular sights.  See?  Sometimes I actually wander with a purpose and not just distractedly! Following our one night in Toronto where I stayed at the Best Western Primrose Hotel in the downtown area - an okay place to stay at but nothing special to write about even though it did have the nice view that you can see in the picture to the left - I set out the next day for Niagara Falls without benefit of either a GPS that worked north of the American border or someone to read the map to me.  This was definitely no time for distracted wandering but it apparently was time to get a little turned around as I tried to read the directions