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Hi, my name is Linda and I'm "The Distracted Wanderer". Well, truth be told, I'm a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher but when I'm not doing that I try to do some of the things I love. I love history, I love to take photographs, I love to write, and I love to travel so it seemed to make sense to put all of those loves together into one spot - this blog. The "distracted" part comes in due to that love of history I have and the fact that the places that I like to go to the most are historic in one form or another. I then get "distracted" delving into that history as that makes the story that much more interesting for me and hopefully for my readers, too! It is my fervent hope that maybe someday I can turn this hobby into something more than just that but for now that hope shall simply spring eternal while I wander around part-time!   I hope that through these posts, you, the reader, find someplace that you want to travel to also or if not, tha