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From the Top of My "Must Stay at List" - A Visit to Boston's Beautiful Omni Parker House, America's Oldest Continuously Operating Hotel

Once upon a time (translated: so long ago that I can't remember exactly when it was!) I took a trip to Boston with my cousin so that we could walk The Freedom Trail – a collection of sixteen locations and buildings in the downtown Boston area that highlight the history and beginnings of our American Revolution. Though there are various and assorted guided tours that are available for visitors wishing to explore the Freedom Trail, when my cousin and I went to Boston we decided to walk the Trail on our own and visit history at our own leisurely pace. As we made our way along the 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads visitors through Boston’s history and role in the Revolution, there were several guided tours also visiting the various sites along the Trail. As my cousin and I stopped to take pictures outside of Boston's Old City Hall, I overheard a costumed Freedom Trail guide telling the group he was leading about the building across the street. As he told them of the