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Meanwhile Back at 'The Gris' ... Another Look at The Venerable & Vibrant Griswold Inn of Essex, Connecticut

Two years ago this month, I found myself wandering down to the quaint village of Essex located near the mouth of the Connecticut River where it meets the Long Island Sound in search of both history and what was rumored to be some kick-ass clam chowder at not just any old inn but “ The Oldest Continuously Operating Inn in America." Turned out that visit to The Griswold Inn netted me not only an extremely good bowl of clam chowder , but I came home having learned some extremely cool history, too! As so often happens when I wander someplace that turns out to be quite awesome, I found myself hoping to return to The Gris - as it's lovingly called by those who've had the pleasure of spending some time there. Fast forward a little over a year to when my good friend from England, The Doodologist , was here visiting last November and I finally had a chance to get back down to Essex and return to The Gris when she and I wandered down that way to meet up with a few friends fr