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Wander to West Haven for Nostalgia and Nourishment at Georgie's Diner

If there’s one thing I love (well, truthfully there are lots of things I love but some things I love more than others!) it’s a classic retro-style diner and when I come across one it makes me happier than a kid with a new toy. Recently I was that happy kid when I paid a visit to Georgie’s Diner  on Elm Street in West Haven. Built in 1956 by the DeRaffele Manufacturing Company, Inc. of New Rochelle, New York and then shipped to Stratford, Connecticut, Georgie’s started life as the Duchess Diner and bore that noble name until 1967 when it was loaded up, moved to West Haven, and renamed the Elm Diner. A few years after its move, the Elm Diner was taken over by George Anthis and his family who served up delicious comfort food 24/7 from 1971 until 1988 when they decided to take a break from the restaurant business and leased the building to another operator. The Anthis Family didn’t stay out of the business for too long though as in 1995 they opened the Shoreline Diner in Gui