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Wandering By Some of Cape Cod's Historic Lighthouses, Part One

I love lighthouses.  I don't know if it's the whole "romantic" notion of a beam of light leading home sailors who had been out to sea for possibly years at a time or the solitary lives that the light keepers led or what exactly draws me to them but I do love them and also love searching them out to photograph them.  Last week I had the chance to spend a few days out on Cape Cod and grabbed it as the perfect opportunity to search out some of the Cape's lighthouses. With my Nikon in hand and my GPS working overtime, I started out at the western end of the Cape and worked my way out to the tip at Provincetown.  I didn't find all of the lighthouses on the Cape but I did find a good number to share with you here in a two-part series. Located on the east side of Buzzards Bay near Pocasset, a small village of the Town of Bourne, stands Wing's Neck Lighthouse. Built in 1890 to replace the original 1849 so-called Cape Cod-style structure with a white, wooden

Touching Images That Display an Artist's Own "Natural Histories" at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem

NOTE : This exhibition ended on May 27th, 2013 The East India Marine Hall at the Peabody Essex Museum Last Thursday evening I was invited to attend a Press Preview Event for the latest exhibition in the Year of Photography at PEM in Salem, Massachusetts. Those of you who have been around the blog a bit know that the PEM is the Peabody Essex Museum - a wonderful place whose roots date to the 1799 founding of the East India Marine Society, an organization of Salem captains and supercargoes who had sailed beyond either the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn and brought back items to fulfill the society’s charter provision for the establishment of a “cabinet of natural and artificial curiosities" - or as we know it - a museum. Those sea captains and supercargoes did both residents and any visitors to the city of Salem a major favor as the PEM is truly one of the North Shore's biggest jewels among the many that it can lay claim to and with new exhibits opening all the time,

Wandering Over to Windham in Search of "A Cupcake For Later" on Main Street

People traveling to Windham, Connecticut to take a look at the four whimsical eight-foot high bronze frogs that sit atop concrete thread spools on the Thread City Crossing bridge  now have a new destination to point their cars towards, a place that will probably have all of the frog-seekers hopping over to check it out once the word spreads about Willimantic's new cupcakery at 798 Main Street. A Cupcake For Later opened a mere three weeks ago but they've already become quite the popular spot not just in real life on Main Street but also in the virtual world on Facebook where they've gotten over 600 "likes" as of this writing.  No doubt that number will be climbing up and up as people discover the new shop that offers gourmet cupcakes as well as full-size cakes for all occasions and made Willimantic a go-to destination for this cupcake-loving wanderer on a beautiful Friday morning. Having heard about the new store via a lot of friends on Facebook and being s