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"It seems to me a strange thing, mystifying ..."

No, I'm not going to break out into song from the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar - and you should thank your lucky stars on that one, my friends, as I sing horribly! - but those words keep going through my head in regards to a couple of pictures I took while visiting Salem, Massachusetts last week with Amanda, Darci, and my friend Amy. Actually, a lot of the pictures I took have me scratching my head in wonderment but you're probably going to have to wait another day or two to see those as I took way too many pictures to write just one post about our trip. Figures, eh?!? I thought what I would try to do is break our day down into more easily digestible parts not just for you, my readers, but also for myself as wading through 360+ pictures takes a lot of time that I would rather be spending with my nose in the book I'm currently reading! However, Eclipse has been put aside until I can at least make sense of the pictures I have and get a few of them posted before th