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A Hike Up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

Back in June of 2015 when I finally had the chance to fulfill a longtime dream and visit the United Kingdom - something I had been wanting to do for the better part of forever - I started my journey in Scotland, first landing in Glasgow where I met up with my UK buddy Claire - aka The Doodologist and owner of CRPittDesigns - and then boarding a train for Edinburgh where we were going to spend the first few days of my vacation. After checking into the Sherwood Guesthouse  which I had found through extensive online searching and turned out to be a great place to stay in Edinburgh complete with the nicest hostess ever and easy access to all of the places we wanted to go, Claire suggested that we not waste any time and head out to climb to Arthur's Seat which we could see from the window of our room - Sherwood Guesthouse and not-so-hot photo from our room posted below. Even though I had just flown over to Scotland from Boston via Iceland and gotten darned little sleep o