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The Merchant - A Marvelous New Boutique Hotel with Awesome Old History in Salem, Massachusetts

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of wandering up to Salem, Massachusetts to check out a new exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum and the timing was such that during my trip, I was also able to take advantage of a Travelzoo offer and spend a night at one of Salem's newest lodging offerings - The Merchant. An upscale boutique hotel located in one of Salem's historic grand former homes, the mansion has had prior incarnations as a tavern, the upscale Washington Hotel in the early 19th century, the home of the Higginson Book Company and offices of the Carlson Realty Company in the 21st century, and a stop on a few of the very popular Salem Ghost Walks - one of which I was on myself back in October of 2008 and the closest I had ever gotten to the house prior to my stay. 

In a city that never seems to have enough accommodations come October when everyone hops on their broomsticks to fly up to Witch City for a month full of Haunted Happenings. I've got no doubt that this very swa…